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You Can Have Your Pancakes and Your Keto Too! #Keto #LowCarb


One of the things I have been missing most on our Keto journey is breakfast other than eggs.  I love eggs – or did… But they have been a main staple for several weeks and well, the novelty is wearing off.  Funny thing is when I wasn’t on Keto I really didn’t care for things like pancakes too much.  But now – I really wanted something different.

Additionally, our son has been expressing an interest in trying more Keto friendly meals and as soon as I started cooking these this morning, he jumped out of bed!  He made it clear that next time I need to make a much larger batch!

This size batch makes four decent sized pancakes.  The recipe is quite simple.

1 Bar of Cream Cheese (full fat)

4 Eggs

1 Teaspoon of Cinnamon (or more if you’d like)

1 Cup Almond Flour

Mix all together until the cream cheese is completely blended.  Let the blended mix sit for about ten minutes prior to cooking.  For the kids I add 2 packages of Truvia to the batter to add just a tiny bit of sweetness.

OMG I can see why our son wanted me to make extra.  I assume these will be great warmed back up as leftovers but who knows since I doubt there will ever be any left!  For my next batch I am going to try adding a scoop of my Vanilla Ice Cream Protein Powder to add  more flavoring and sweetness as well as to keep us full longer.  Totally YUM!

I bet it is even amazing with Cinnamon Roll protein powder.