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Vans Gluten Free Rotini and Red Sauce


Vans Gluten Free Rotini and Red Sauce Dinner


My kids love pasta – but their medication has also caused them both to gain weight – significant and unhealthy amounts of weight. We have not completely transitioned to gluten free but we are much closer to it than we ever were before. This gluten free Rotini and Red Sauce by Van’s is my kids’ favorite meal to date.


Vans Pasta


I am more than happy to oblige their love of this meal because it is easy to make and we don’t have dinner battles. The pasta itself is red – the first time we made this the color caught me off guard. But we forged on – thankfully! It is cooked like your typical pasta – boil it, strain it when done, and move back to the pan. Each box has a foil packet of red sauce – simply cut the packets open and mix with the pasta. We generally make four boxes at a time. What is different for us is that we add a stick of butter to the mix of four boxes, and quite a bit of pepper. We are huge fans of pepper on everything!


Creamy vans pasta


The result is a meal that I actually have to keep my kids from going crazy over. I do make four boxes at a time though because my son is able to bring lunch to school and warm the meal up – so he will eat the leftovers for days at school.