The Ultimate Comfort Food – English Muffin Pizzas

What is your comfort food?  When I was growing up we spent a great deal of time with our cousins and that meant 8 kids and 4 adults!  These outings bring back fond memories for sure such as:

  • Scouring the landfill for “stuff” to make anything we wanted to make
  • Snowmobiling – sort of, and cracking up
  • Very little sleep
  • Swimming
  • Fitting 8 kids into a Cadillac with a St Bernard so we can all go swimming
  • Picking wild blueberries
  • Walking, walking and more walking – just because

When you have to prepare food for that many people on a frequent basis, there are certain foods that fit the bill perfectly.  One of those meals I definitely consider comfort food and that is English Muffin Pizzas!  Even now, when I choose to make them for my kids, they are a cherished treat.

We all have that certain comfort food that is perfect when we want something quick and easy that everyone loves.  What is that food for your family?

What’s up with these small pizzas?  First – everyone can have what they want.  For our son that means plain old cheese pizzas.  For my daughter and I it means hamburg pizzas! For my husband it usually means pepperoni pizzas – we all get what we want.

Now the funny (strange) thing is that I am really not a big fan of red meat.  But I do love grass fed hamburg on my pizza!  It just isn’t the same as store bought hamburg so if you’ve never tried it, now is the time.  It is an entirely different taste.

These pizzas are also perfect for the kids to help with – they love creating there own.  There is nothing special about the pizzas we are making today but they still love playing a role in the decision making.

What do you need:

  • English Muffins
  • Shredded Italian (combo) or Mozzarella Cheese
  • Pizza Sauce
  • Anything else you’d like to add – we added hamburger

Place all on a cookie sheet and bake for approximately 20 minutes at 350 degrees until cheese and toppings are cooked/melted.