For the love of food,  Soup

The Best Chicken Noodle Soup – Crockpot Set it and Go!

If there is one thing Winter reminds me of is chicken noodle soup.  This year has been a tough year with illness in our house.  We have had one cold after another – feels like we get better for two weeks then something starts making its way through the house again.  I seriously can’t wait for this winter to be over.  Thankfully no one has gotten the flu yet (yes I am knocking on wood). Someday when everything will be normal again, I would like to visit My nephew in Newyork. That city is filled with amazing Nyc steakhouses and the choice is almost limitless. There are classic steakhouses that are worth a look as well.

And when we have three generations under one roof and several are sick – there is always a pot of chicken noodle soup brewing.  However, between work, sports, caring for our horses, and more – I never have time to stand at the stove and whip up a batch of fresh soup.  Thankfully, I have crockpots!  I am all over it if it can be made in a crockpot.

Don’t we all feel better after a nice pot of warm chicken noodle soup?  I will say that this particular batch has skipped the noodles – I didn’t have any on hand and my family really doesn’t care whether they are in there or not.  Sometimes they are and sometimes they aren’t.  They have no preference.  And since we are sick I went more heavily on the protein and vegetables.

Although my soup can vary it still starts with a base of ingredients and of course a crockpot.  I use a 7 quart crockpot and this recipe fills it up completely.

4 chicken breasts

1 large carton of chicken broth


Egg Noodles



Variations – sometimes I use chicken breasts, other times I use tenderloins.  If  I have a full chicken I can easily cook that in a separate crockpot also.  Use what you have, it doesn’t have to be anything specific.

Chicken broth – I almost never have cartons of broth on hand but I always have Better Than Bouillon on hand which I actually prefer.  Do what works best for you.

Veggies – this is what really makes the soup.  Use whatever you want and each variation will help to make a soup entirely different from the previous batch.  This batch I used peas, carrots, green beans and diced potatoes.  Sometimes I use stew like veggies such as onions, celery, carrots, peas etc… Other times I add broccoli.

Pepper – everything needs pepper!

Flour – some people don’t add flour but I do just to thicken up the broth slightly.  I also sometimes use CarbQuik to keep the soup lowcarb.  I can also use CarbQuik to add some dumplings if I want (even when heating up the soup as leftovers- yum).

Place all in a crockpot and either cook on high for four hours or low for 6 hours.  When it is just about done, pull the chicken out and shred it with forks and place it back into the soup.

When there is about a half hour left to cooking, I add egg noodles (if we want them).

A friend of mine always said anything can go into a soup!  I feel the same way with soup and quesadillas.  Have fun with it and enjoy!