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    For the love of food!

    Growing up I absolutely loved to cook and bake. Something I have always hoped to pass down to my children. As well as something that I could do as a career! I cannot lie I tried school. I got into my dream school (Johnson & Wales!!- Go WILDCATS!) but I never truly caught onto the school part of it all. So I left and decided to go about it in my own way. I decided to just bake for fun for a bit and give myself time to find my niche! I have taken to PINTEREST to come up with some ideas. I have found basic recipes that I have…

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    A Guide To Different Meat And Coca-Cola Recipes

      There is nothing as enjoyable as drinking an ice-cold Coca-Cola on a hot summer’s day, or any day for that matter.  This sweet and iconic soda is one of our favorite drinks, but can also be used as a secret ingredient when cooking meat.  Strange?  Perhaps, but it is works to lock in the meat’s moisture and add flavor.  This article will provide some top Coca-Cola and meat recipes.   Coca-Cola Chicken Wings   Regardless of whether it is hot sauce, Worcestershire sauce or the addition of Coca-Cola, the spicy and sweet sauce coating chicken wings can be downright addictive.  To make them delicious for any day, just prepare…

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