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Strawberry Milk WITH Strawberry Cream

Are your children just like mine?  My kids go through so much milk – gallons!  But they aren’t particularly fond of plain milk.  They do love strawberry, chocolate etc… Many adults are the same way – let’s make our milk more interesting right?

Additionally, everyone loves whip cream and we make our own cream all the time.  Now they can add strawberry cream on to their strawberry milk.  Easy peasy.  Best of all they can make it themselves.

This really is quite easy.  Simply mix 1/4 tablespoon of 1/4 cup heavy cream and blend!  You can blend quickly with an immersion blender or even mix by hand (though be prepared, it takes a long time by hand).

Actually my daughter makes a quadruple batch so she can also add strawberry cream to other things like brownies.  Pretty much anything you can add whip cream to is made better with strawberry cream.