Dinner,  One Pan

One Pan Dinner

All In One Pan Dinner - Chicken, Carrots, Potatoes


All In One Pan Dinners


My husband helps do a great deal of the cooking in our house – I am always running around with so many other things and he is always willing to do cooking for the family. We are huge believers in all in one pan dinners, crockpots, pressure cookers and more. So much can be achieved with these methods and they are so easy to warm up as leftovers during the week when we are busy running to meetings, doctors appointments, horseback riding and more. There never seems to be enough time to do all that we want to do.


You need chicken breast (though it can be done with other chicken), potatoes (we used white but you could use some other alternative) and carrots.


Put olive oil in the pan, add salt/pepper, a little ginger, a little turmeric, a little cinnamon, sprinkle around in mixture, 2 tablespoons honey – mix all together in pan.


Then add the chicken, potatoes and carrots into the pan on top of the mixture. Coat the top of all with the same series as listed above. This is not cast in stone – simply have fun with it. If you’d like more of one ingredient or another – feel free. Cooking is about creativity and experimentation.


Ready to cook


Add a couple slices of orange to the top during cooking, cover.


Cook for approximately an hour and a half or until done – ours was pretty jam packed full so it took longer.