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Ideas to easily pack up your kitchen

Moving is hard as-is, but out of all the rooms that need to get picked when you’re moving, the kitchen is easily the most difficult. In addition to there just being a whole lot of stuff that has to get packed up, many of the items are irregularly shaped and/or fragile, plus there tends to be an overwhelming amount of odds and ends that can throw off even the most organized of packers. Having a moving company take care of your move helps you avoid injury. If they get injured they could contact a New York personal injury lawyer. Heading in to pack up your kitchen without a plan is up there on the list of major moving mistakes, but with a bit of planning and preparation, you can simplify the kitchen packing process and tackle it like a pro. Here are some ideas to easily pack up your kitchen without losing your mind (at least mostly):

Pick a place and jump in

Each cabinet and drawer in the kitchen presents its own unique difficulties when it comes to packing, but they all have to get done, so just pick one and get started. Clear off an area on your countertop to spread out your packing paper, and get to work.

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Pots and Pans

Use a large or medium box, and stack pots and pans with the smaller ones nestled into the larger ones and a small piece of packing paper between them. Make sure to add support around your pots and pans by stuffing paper or dish towels into openings, which will keep them from moving around in transit. Glass lids should be wrapped in packing paper and placed around the pots and pans or in a separate box.

Glasses and stemware

Your best bet here is to use specialty dividers that fit into standard boxes. Even though your glassware is better protected in dividers than out of them, you’ll still want to wrap each item in packing paper. Don’t stack anything on top of your glassware, even if there’s room in the box. Glass is too fragile to support a lot of additional weight.

Plates and bowls

Stack plates and bowls for easy packing. If they’re breakable materials, wrap each item before stacking; otherwise, you can just put a piece of packing paper in between them. Keep stacks together by wrapping them tightly in plastic wrap. Use the space around your plates and bowls to pack odds and ends.


Simply use plastic wrap to wrap around the tray and then place it flat inside a box, or keep the flatware in your flatware box that it is already in and just wrap it in plastic. You can then add additional serving utensils on top, either loose or wrapped in a bit of packing paper (if they’re delicate). For knives: Roll each knife in a full sheet of packing paper and then wrap a dish towel around them and secure the whole thing with a rubber band. Pack knives on their side—never facing up.

Food items

Tackle the spice cabinet first, using a small box to safely store all of your spices. Put a small bit of packing paper around any spices in glass jars. Then move on to your pantry. Get rid of anything that’s expired, and if you have items that aren’t opened or expired but you no longer want, add them to your donation pile for delivery to a local food bank. For the rest of the items, make sure everything is well sealed and then pack up either in a medium box. Use a cooler for transporting perishables from the fridge and pantry. If you’re moving long distance, you’ll probably just want to toss any perishables before you leave.


If you have the original boxes for your appliances that’s ideal, but if you don’t, that’s okay, too. For small appliances, pack them in as small of a box as you can. Use packing paper to completely secure them in the box, filling in any gaps around them to prevent shifting. If you’re bringing along your larger appliances too, your moving company will want you to prepare them ahead of time by unplugging them, removing any hoses, and taping all doors shut. Learn more here about moving large appliances.

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