Dinner,  One Pan

Got Leftover Turkey? Try This Amazing Turkey Vegetable Casserole!

So you have leftover turkey, now what?  You start making other meals so you don’t need to eat just turkey day after day after day…

This is a really easy recipe.  The greatest time is spent cooking a turkey – if you have leftover turkey that cuts down on the time a great deal.

This is the result of our leftover turkey updo!  It is so delicious and once you have the turkey, the rest is incredibly easy.

I used the following:

  • Two bags of frozen vegetables.  You can use cans if you want – one bag was peas and carrots (diced) and the other was corn.
  • One bag of egg noodles (cooked per directions)
  • One can cream of chicken soup
  • Two cups sour cream
  • Two cups shredded mozzarella cheese

Mix all ingredients except the mozzarella cheese together and place in casserole sized pan.  Spread evenly and bake at 350 degrees for 35-45 minutes.  At that point spread the mozzarella cheese on top evenly and bake until melted.  You can season with salt and pepper before or after cooking to taste.

Not only is this delicious fresh out of the oven but it is one of those recipes that is even better as a leftover!  Just add a little butter and YUM!  I love making this so I have lunch for work each day rather than resorting to fast food – which I always regret.