Fast and Fun Filling Treat With Bees Knees

Fast Fun and Filling Treat


We are nut butter fans in our house – peanut butter, almond butter, and even soy nut butter. They are always in our house and we love variety.


But lately we discovered The Bee’s Knees by the Peanut Butter and Company. The nurse at my daughter’s school clued me in to this really delightful “special” peanut butter and now we are hooked. The Bee’s Knees is peanut butter blended with scrumptious honey. It’s great as a quick, protein packed, breakfast spread. Melt it over pancakes, spread it on waffles, add it to smoothies, or eat it straight from the jar. My daughter loves it on saltines – and of course the Saltine Rounds make it even more fun. Personally, I love it on apples or even straight out of the jar when no one is watching… SHHH.


If you are interested in other flavors by the Peanut Butter Company you can try: Smooth Operator, Dark Chocolate Dreams, Cinnamon Raisin Swirl, Mighty Maple and White Chocolate Wonderful (my FAVORITE)!


You can find this peanut butter online on Amazon or in stores such as Walmart, Big Y, Target.



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