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So Josh & I are people who apparently just take chances. In December 2022 we went to go get the last of the christmas presents. If anyone knows us you know we are easily distracted. So it didnt surprise me when we ended up viewing a trailer that was a MESS instead!!! When I say mess im not joking! The floors were either collapsing or already gone in the entire middle chunk of the house. There was birdseed everywhere and the place had been ransacked. Water damage, mold, broken door. It was 100% a disaster. But we loved it!

It had a nice sized kitchen, two bedrooms,a bathroom that had a stand shower AND jacuzzi tub,  a laundry area and a huge living room! The lot was a perfect size for our little blended group. It had potential and that was all we needed!

So we bought it. without a thought we bought it. and let me tell you! Its been a wild start to say the least. We completely gutted it within the last two months! literally bare to the bone! We found so many issues but honestly we also were relived of so many “fears” we had from when we viewed it.

We knew that the water heater had leaked causing A LOT of water damage to the wood and flooring in the bathroom, bedrooom, laundry area, and hallway. We also found out that the sink had leaked and destroyed a portion of the kitchen floor. But the silver lining came once the boards and disintegrated pieces were cleaned up. The support beams didn’t need to be replaced! So Josh sistered a few of them and we went on about the demo! When we were working on the walls we found a wall without power that seemed to have been caused by a mice problem. These creatures had eaten thru a chunk of the wiring so that had to be replaced. We ripped out all the cabinets, flooring, walls, ceiling. We found that what we thought was a gas fireplace was really a wood burning fireplace! That was beyond exciting and in perfect condition. Our heating unit had never been used! brand new and in working condition so that saved us so much money!  But I saw the vision! so now it begins. What once was a mess. A house covered in vines and in shambles. Is now coming slowly into shape!

This two bedroom 1 bathroom mess is going to be turned into a 5 bedroom, 2 bathroom home with a beautiful wrap around porch! Over the next year or two we will be updating the entire home thats currently there into a two bedroom one bath area with a beautiful kitchen and living space. one room will be a boy bunk dream room with 6 bunks, a video game space, and all the boys toys! each bunch designed by each boy! Aubs will be taking the “friend” bunk for now when needed because her room needs to be built. bedroom #2 of this current portion will go to Jacob who is 15. He will turn this room into a space that he will love! The bathroom will now have a shower/tub combo, a toilet that isn’t on a pedestal, a single sink, and the washer and dryer. It was also have the water heater, and storage for cleaning supplies!

The kitchen will have a dining bar for everyone to have dinner at. That will connect into the cabinets with cubbies above the huge windows. The opposite side of the kitchen will have a baking area with lower cabinets, the fridge with more cabinets, and (as of right now) a double oven. The ideas are always changing!

As of right now josh and I will be in the living room until the addition is complete. The addition will have our room with a master bathroom, Aubs room, and a guest room/home gym. Also we will have the mud room. We will put a covered porch area around the entire right side of the house. It will have the main entry, as well as an entry to our room and the guest room. perfect for sitting out relaxing once everything and everyone is taken care of.

The main outside hangout space now has a trampoline, playscape, toys and a bunch of running room all where a HUGE garden was. Soon a patio area will be built  for grilling and outside relaxing as well. We have their huge water slide that we will be able to setup once the weather gets hot to cool off!