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Delicious and Easy Healthyier Fruit Roll-Ups

This is a recipe I make in my dehydrator but you can easily make it in your oven at the lowest setting on your oven which is either going to be 140 or 170. We make this quite often – particularly all summer long when we want healthier snacks “on the go”.

Large jar of applesauce (50-60 oz)
2 boxes of jello (regular or sugar-free – whatever flavor you want)

Mix the two ingredients together and layer (thinly and as evenly as you can) on sheets for the dehydrator.  If you are using your oven you can layer on parchment paper on cookie sheets for the same result.

Warm at 140 (or 170 if oven) for 7-9 hours.

Then you peel it up, lay it on parchment paper (or just cook on that in the first place and save yourself a step – even in the dehydrator), roll it into a long roll and cut into pieces with scissors.

A 50oz jar of applesauce made 4 dehydrator trays of fruit rollups. However, what you see is only 3 trays worth. As quickly as I could get them out of the dehydrator, the kids would grab them and eat them. Approximately 40 fruit rollups for about $2.50.

Now, just so you know I often make fruit roll-ups with just fruit that I have sent through the food processor – seeds and all. And those taste great and the kids love them. Unfortunately to be able to go through them that fast I need a huge sale on the fruit to be able to make rollups with nothing but fruit.

You can also mix honey in with the fruit if you want it to be sweeter. Generally, I don’t do that though since they love the plain old fruit just as much – no need for anything additional.

But the applesauce method can be done much less expensively…