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Chili – Vegetarian Style

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One of our favorite meals that everyone loves in our house is chili!  I make it at least once a month and it often varies but is always vegan.  Although I am vegan, no one else in the house is but this is one meal we all agree on.

I will start by saying I use a 10 quart slow cooker  – I can easily freeze some for later plus have plenty for us to eat for days! The best thing is that it takes really no extra work for 10 quarts than it does for 6 quarts.

This chili takes literally about five minutes to setup then cook it on high for 4 hours or low for 6 hours.  It does take longer to cook in a slow cooker this size – there is so much more to heat up.

First I go to Aldis and pick up some vegan beefless crumbles.  These are a huge help even if you aren’t vegan because you don’t need to spend time cooking ground beef before hand.  You literally open the bag and dump the contents in.  For 10 quarts I use about three to four bags depending upon how thick we want the chili to be.  This batch was thick with 4.

Add in some beans.  Our preference is two cans of small red beans and two cans of black beans.  Rinse all of the beans before adding to the slow cooker.

Next add two cans of whole kernel corn.

Add cans of Tomato Puree – four cans for 10 quarts.

The last ingredient is chili seasoning.  In this particular batch I used individual packages and mild – five packages.  Sometimes though I will use half mild and half hot since the men in my life prefer a little more spice.

With all of these you can use whatever brand you have on hand.  If I don’t have any on hand I tend to pick them up at Aldis which is where they seem to be far less expensive than anywhere else.

Additional ingredients you can add are onions, peppers, etc… I could try sneaking that in but pretty sure my family wouldn’t appreciate it – LOL.

There you have it – a well loved batch of chili!  I top mine with plant based sour cream – YUM.