Chicken Salad With Just Mayo

Chicken Salad with Just Mayo


This is one of my favorite dishes and it is quick and easy. There are no real measurements – you kind of wing it based on your particular tastes. But no matter what – it is delicious and awesome. Chicken salad is good at any time of year but as we enter Spring – I definitely crave it more than ever.


First – you need chicken (or turkey). I have made it with leftover chicken or I have purchased a full roasted chicken – the kind that your purchase already cooked at your local grocery store. I used a roasted chicken for you today.


Roasted Chicken


Add scallions – I like a whole lot of them but you may prefer fewer. My salad is quite “green” with scallions.




Add celery – I use a stick or two. Keep in mind this is a small batch in a mini food processor. If you are making a batch for a family you will need to modify this accordingly. But this, well this is all for me!




And now – the item that makes this recipe so grand… Just Mayo. You can use any variation – Original, Garlic, Chipolte or Sriracha.


Just Mayo


Then you add some salt and pepper to taste – mix it up and serve. I add lots of pepper, there can never be too much pepper.


Chicken Salad Ready to Eat


Now, go forth and make some chicken salad with Just Mayo by Hampton Creek. For this recipe I used Original Just Mayo but it is also available in Garlic, Chipolte and Sriracha.


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