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    The Best Chicken Noodle Soup – Crockpot Set it and Go!

    If there is one thing Winter reminds me of is chicken noodle soup.  This year has been a tough year with illness in our house.  We have had one cold after another – feels like we get better for two weeks then something starts making its way through the house again.  I seriously can’t wait for this winter to be over.  Thankfully no one has gotten the flu yet (yes I am knocking on wood). And when we have three generations under one roof and several are sick – there is always a pot of chicken noodle soup brewing.  However, between work, sports, caring for our horses and more –…

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    Keto Friendly Taco Soup

      Yay!!! 2019 is here.  I literally feel like I have been waiting for this year my entire life.  2018 was hard – the kind of year you never want to go through again and if you do – will you survive it?  Yeah – that bad.  Could always have been worse and thankfully it wasn’t – but bad just the same. With the new year I am going to start following a Keto style of eating.  I am so excited about it and going to do my best to bring my family along with me.  To do that I can’t just appear to eat meats and vegetables.  They would…

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