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    For the love of food!

    Growing up I absolutely loved to cook and bake. Something I have always hoped to pass down to my children. As well as something that I could do as a career! I cannot lie I tried school. I got into my dream school (Johnson & Wales!!- Go WILDCATS!) but I never truly caught onto the school part of it all. So I left and decided to go about it in my own way. I decided to just bake for fun for a bit and give myself time to find my niche! I have taken to PINTEREST to come up with some ideas. I have found basic recipes that I have…

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    Benefits Of A Vegan Diet

    Introduction What are the benefits of a vegan diet? There are numerous advantages of being a vegan. Being a vegan means that you don’t eat animal meat, fish, and other seafood, as well as any poultry, eggs, and other animal products. However, a vegan diet can also mean being a healthy vegetarian since most vegans eat plenty of fruits, vegetables, grains, beans, and other starches. Plant-Based Diet It has been established that a plant-based diet is associated with a lower incidence of colorectal cancer. This is probably because plant-based foods are rich in antioxidants (beneficial bacteria found in some fruits and vegetables and may fight harmful free radicals in the…

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    Dr. Praeger’s Perfect Burger – Perfectly Air Fried

    The best investment ever is an air fryer!  I have the JoyOuce 5.8qt Air Fryer.  Perfect for a decent size family of five. Many sources claim that air fryer food offers a healthy alternative to making fried meals. Americans eat far more fried potatoes than any other food, with nearly 40 percent of the total coming from deep-fried products, like French fries. Americans also eat a lot of fruit and nuts, as well as other unprocessed proteins. Air fryer machines come in different shapes and sizes, depending on how much you want to spend. If you’re looking for a mini air fryer, you can find them starting at around $100.…

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    Barilla Creamy Genovese Pesto Chickpea Pasta Dinner #BarillaUS #BarillaPesto #CreamyGenovese @barillaus

    About Barilla Based in Italy, Barilla Foods produces a range of food products. The company caters to both food lovers and those looking for healthy food. There are many pasta dishes, sauces, and desserts offered by this company. Besides marketing through outlets in other countries, they have also expanded internationally. This company has also made its mark internationally as other companies like Italian Banquet Hall St Louis propagating Italian cuisine. Barilla Creamy Genovese Pesto Sauce Sweet basil, sunflower oil, cashews, and other ingredients go into the creamy Genovese pesto sauce from Barilla.  Milk products are present in the product, so it cannot be considered vegan. There is no better comfort food than…

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    Folios Cheese Wraps – Amazing Keto Solution

    Cheese folios are the perfect solution for a keto diet, when you still desire to have sandwich wraps. But, of course, traditional wraps made with flour are not keto and will kick you out of ketosis.  But cheese wraps do not since cheese is allowed on a keto diet. More importantly, these wraps are incredible and an amazing option for those of us who are not on a keto diet. So now we can be just as happy – sort of a have our sandwich and eat it too!These Folios Cheese Wraps are 100% cheese and don’t have any starch, wheat, flour, sugars, additives, or fillers. The first wrap we…

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    Ideas to easily pack up your kitchen

    Moving is hard as-is, but out of all the rooms that need to get picked when you’re moving, the kitchen is easily the most difficult. In addition to there just being a whole lot of stuff that has to get packed up, many of the items are irregularly shaped and/or fragile, plus there tends to be an overwhelming amount of odds and ends that can throw off even the most organized of packers. Having a moving company take care of your move helps you avoid injury. If they get injured they could contact a New York personal injury lawyer. Heading in to pack up your kitchen without a plan is…

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    Chili – Vegetarian Style

    This site contains affiliate links to products. We may receive a commission for purchases made through these links. One of our favorite meals that everyone loves in our house is chili!  I make it at least once a month and it often varies but is always vegan.  Although I am vegan, no one else in the house is but this is one meal we all agree on. I will start by saying I use a 10 quart slow cooker  – I can easily freeze some for later plus have plenty for us to eat for days! The best thing is that it takes really no extra work for 10 quarts…

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    Strawberry Milk WITH Strawberry Cream

    Are your children just like mine?  My kids go through so much milk – gallons!  But they aren’t particularly fond of plain milk.  They do love strawberry, chocolate etc… Many adults are the same way – let’s make our milk more interesting right? Additionally, everyone loves whip cream and we make our own cream all the time.  Now they can add strawberry cream on to their strawberry milk.  Easy peasy.  Best of all they can make it themselves. This really is quite easy.  Simply mix 1/4 tablespoon of 1/4 cup heavy cream and blend!  You can blend quickly with an immersion blender or even mix by hand (though be prepared,…

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    Delicious Chocolate Chip Cookies

    My daughter and I love to cook – especially bake.  But between work, school, blogging, karate and horses to care for – we never seem to have the time to slow down and cook.  Like many of you COVID has changed your life at least for the moment.  We are now doing school from home, working from home and even karate from home.  The only thing we cannot do from home is care for our horses since we board them.  I am actually very thankful for that because it allows a safe space for me to take the kids where we don’t really need to worry about catching something from…

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    Quick and Easy Vegan Meals

    I have recently started following a vegan way of living.  Everyone has their own reasons for the change and in my case, it is completely about my health and wellness.  I am totally against any form of animal abuse but that isn’t why I am changing.  You won’t find me on a corner waving a flag that you are a horrible person for wanting steak.  I will leave that to the PETA folks.  I have never been a fan of meat so it is no big deal to walk away from it.  My parents used to go crazy because I didn’t like meat – well now I am the cool…

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