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    You Can Have Your Pancakes and Your Keto Too! #Keto #LowCarb

      One of the things I have been missing most on our Keto journey is breakfast other than eggs.  I love eggs – or did… But they have been a main staple for several weeks and well, the novelty is wearing off.  Funny thing is when I wasn’t on Keto I really didn’t care for things like pancakes too much.  But now – I really wanted something different. Additionally, our son has been expressing an interest in trying more Keto friendly meals and as soon as I started cooking these this morning, he jumped out of bed!  He made it clear that next time I need to make a much…

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    Sausage and Cheese Puffs

    I have been really trying to transition to Keto and so far have been successful – gotta stay with it long term.  But one of the things I have struggled with is breakfast.  I never ever have time to cook in the morning during the week.  I need something to grab and go.  Now you may ask what I did before Keto – well I would stop at McDonald’s and buy a sausage burrito for $1.  Easy peasy.  I wish I could just buy a small container of the burrito filling – that is probably keto friendly. In the meantime I need a plan.  That plan started today with these…

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    The Colors Of A Smoothie Bowl

    How do you get your kids to eat healthy?  Add pops of color, treat it like an ice cream and ask them to help prepare it.  This is the perfect solution for getting kids to eat all kinds of berries.  As an added tip – I sometimes blend spinach up in these smoothies too.  It changes the color considerably but the kids cannot taste it at all. My daughter and I absolutely love smoothies – we could have them every day if I had the time to make them.  Today however, we opted to make smoothie bowls!  I have seen them all over the place but have never really had…

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    CedarLanes All Natural Egg White Omelettes

      I seriously love omelettes – any and all. My problem is that between the kids, work, school, the horses etc… I never have time to take a moment to cook them. I seriously need a personal chef! And one who can meet the varying dietary requests of each member of our family!     About CedarLane Robert Atallah founded CedarLane with little more than his beloved grandmother’s recipes for hummus, tabouli and other Mediterranean-inspired delights.Now over 30 years later, CedarLane is dedicated and has grown while remaining mindful that their customers deserve the most delicious, satisfying and wholesome products they can provide. Headquartered in Carson, California they develop new…

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